We make the Publishing Process EASY with 3  EASY Steps!

Step One:

  • Please download our publishing consultation FORM
  • Complete the form in detail and EMAIL us the completed form.

Step Two:

The Lovelight Creations team will carefully and thoughtfully review the information provided. A team member will contact you with the next steps in your personal publishing/distribution journey. 

Step Three:

After reviewing the consultation form and answering our client’s questions, the Lovelight Creations team provides our client a comprehensive quote. When determining a client’s quote we look at the following:

  • The size and type of book to be published
  • Client services required. For example:  editing, proofing, formatting, printing, isbn/cip number assignments, cover design, and/or illustrations.
  • LoveLight Creations provides custom services! A client only pays for the services he/she needs.  We  strive to make the process straightforward and accommodating.

See, We told YOU it was simple!