Here is a list of many Crystals we have in the Store please remember this page is under construction and we will be adding to it often.

But first please enjoy this poem by our founder Laurie Smith


The Gifts we share from

Mother Earth

Creator of beauty and bounty

From liquid & lava

To solid and crystalline

Layer by layer by layer

Time, temperature & pressure endured

Magnificence is formed

Mother Earth

Bearer of beauty & bounty

We are grateful for your gifts & offerings

by Laurie Smith



Natural Agate:

Origin: USA, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, Africa

Properties: Grounding stone bringing about an emotional, physical & intellectual balance. Harmonize yin and yang. Facilitates acceptance of one’s self. Heals inner anger, fostering love& courage. Creates sense of safety & security. Helps improve concentration and stimulate memories. Helps overcome anger and emotional trauma.

Blue Lace Agate:

Origin: USA, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, Africa

Properties:  Healing stone-soft energy is cool and calming bringing peace of mind. Powerful throat healer. Releases shoulder and neck problems, thyroid deficiencies, lowers fevers and removes blockages from the throat chakra. Counteracts mental stress, neutralize feelings of anger.

Botswana Agate:

Origin: Botswana

Properties: Usually very pink in color. Closely related to Banded agate. Enhances cellular memory. Benefits depression, detoxification, fertility, the brain, chest, skin, circulatory and nervous systems. Receptacle for negative energy. Benefits those trying to quit smoking.

Tree Agate aka Dendritic Agate:

Origin: USA, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, Iceland

Properties:  Place anywhere – encourages abundance and fullness. Enhance health in house plants. Creates peaceful environment. Deepens connection to the earth. Place on point of pain for relief.

Moss Agate:

Origin: USA, India, Australia

Properties: Stabilizing stone strongly connected with nature. Birthing Crystal, Assists Midwives in their work, lessening the pain and helps with a good delivery . Stone of new beginnings and release from blockages or spiritual fetters. Attracts Abundance, Promotes self-expression and communication and Balances emotions-reducing stress. Can help speed up recovery from long-term illness, boost immune system, helps with depression, help alleviate cold, flu systems and aids in lowering fevers, and swelling.


Origin: Britain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Germany, Myanmar, Dominica

Properties: Very soothing and calming to the nerves. Often used for teething toddlers. Promotes fidelity in relationships. Self -healing stone. Uplift negative disposition and encourages you to take life less seriously







Purple Amethyst

Origin: Ontario Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Britain, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia, India

Properties: Protective Stone with high spiritual vibration. Strong healing & cleansing powers. Calming or stimulating as needed. Helps you overcome addictions and obtain sobriety of all kinds. Helps to focus & in control of your faculties. Promotes emotional centering. Connects physical, mental & emotional bodies. Promotes love of the Divine, encouraging selflessness & spiritual wisdom. Improves motivation, protects against reoccurring nightmares, enhances memory. Balances highs and lows, dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety. Relieves physical, emotion, psychological pain or stress. Helps with headaches, reduces swelling and bruising to injuries.

Black Amethyst

Properties: Very powerful healer.  The energy of the black amethyst is emotionally grounding & calming due to the hematite properties, and it works at a very deep level breaking through dense blockages.  The energy of amethyst helps to reconnect you to your inner joy. This is a good stone to use in meditation, as like purple amethyst it is stimulating to the higher chakras, and in particular the third eye… while at the same time grounding you. Can assist with Addictions, Anger, Calming, Cancer, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Immune System Boosting, Insomnia, Intuition, Irritability, Meditation, Migraines, Mind Chatter, Nervousness, Nightmares, OCD, Overwhelmed, Peace, Psychic Abilities, Psychic Protection, Relaxation, Stress — Anxiety, Autism, Burns, Dreams, Water Retention Swelling, Emotional Balance, Grief, Loneliness, Pain Relief, Pineal Gland, Spirit Guides, Tinnitus

Chevron Amethyst

Properties: Also known as banded amethyst; combines strengthening qualities of quartz with healing qualities of amethyst. Enhances peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. Brings courage and inner strength. Lessens any resistance to helping oneself, particularly with concerns of self-awareness. One of the best third eye stimulators

Pink Amethyst

Properties: Pink lavender amethyst strengthens the health of 7th chakra and relieves all ailments associated with the chakra. It directs the personal power of determination and will power to be aligned with the highest aspirations in life. It dispels all doubts involved with in a relationship. It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive destinations in life. Healing properties of the Pink lavender amethyst include: Freedom from the feeling of victimization, Relief from overwhelming situations, Protection from negative vibrations arising from lack of patience or over-excitement, Peel off the karmic cycle and promote self-love amongst the siblings, Induce calmness once you are betrayed by someone


Origin: Bolivia

Properties: Amethyst and Citrine mixed. Soothes emotions, Enhance creativity. Reduces cravings – diet, quitting smoking. Attracts Abundance. Calms the mind brings greater focus in meditation. Unites masculine and feminine energies. Helps with chronic fatigue, depression, gastric disturbances and ulcers, and tension headaches


Origin: Britain, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya

Properties: Stone of awareness for the new age. Represents peace and brotherhood. Good stone for healers because it depends attunement and heightens perception. Angelite is a form of calcite and holds many of the same properties of that stone. Helps you speak your truth and helps deepen your understanding of mathematics. This stone resonates with the throat and helps with thyroid problems. Assists with weight control and aids in cooling the pain of a sunburn.

Apatite (Blue):

Origin: USA, Mexico, Norway, Russia

Properties: Enhance one’s insight, learning abilities and creativity. Increases self-confidence. Helps to achieve deeper states of meditation. Aids in improving one’s coordination and strengthening muscles. Suppresses hunger and eases hypertension. It’s the stone of manifestation. Heals throat Chakra, aids in public speaking and communication.


Origin: Britain, Australia, Brazil, India, Italy, Czech Republic

Properties: Has a high water content which makes it a very efficient conductor of energy. It’s a spiritual stone enhances clear sight, stimulates intuition, and is a good stone for scrying. Calming stone, stress reducer and releases negative thought patterns. Releases expressed emotions helps reduce worries, anxiety and fears.  Helps with Reiki healing by assisting the patient into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness and at the same time it takes the healer out of the way so that the transmission of healing energy to the patient is purer. Can also assist with asthma attacks when held to the chest. Can also assist in relieving allergies.


Origin: Britain, Spain, Namibia

Properties: Teaches patience and acceptance. Is calming and centering, helps people to get along. Provides strength and comfort with gentle grounding to the earth. Help with any type of skin disorder. Stops muscle spasms and night twitches, warms body


Origin: India, Brazil, Nepal, Italy, China, Russia, Tibet

Properties: Opens heart to others and increases trust in life. Fosters the ability to be lighted hearted. Cleanses heart of fear, soothes emotional heart pain. Absorbs electromagnetic smog & environmental pollution. Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Calms anger and irritation; Is a stone of prosperity. Promotes feelings of well-being and balance, draws off grief


Origin: USA, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Peru, Russia, France, Egypt, Namibia

Properties: clearing away tension and confusion, and opening the mind to new perspectives. This crystal stimulates the intellect, awakening the development of psychic and intuitive abilities, and brings inner vision into alignment with spiritual guidance. It may be used for the enhancement of dreams, entering a meditative or channeling state, and enables out of body journeys to take place safely. Known to open the third eye chakra. Clears stress, worry, grief, and sadness. Assists with throat, arthritis, kidney, gallbladder, liver, spleen, bone, teeth, and thyroid problems. Often found with Malachite, creating an incredible healing stone.


Origin: USA, Brazil, Australia, Norway, Russia, France, Czech Republic

Properties: Perfect stone for dealing with a stressful life and giving you the ability to shed unwanted emotional baggage. It helps you receive guidance regarding the next step in your life path. Beryl helps you realise your potential. Enhances courage, relieves stress and calms the mind. With Beryl’s ability to filter out distractions and reduce over-stimulation it encourages a positive view of the world. It reduces the need to over analyse things and helps you to not be overcome by anxiety. Beryl reawakens love for yourself and your partner. Assists with liver, heart, stomach, and spine issues.


Origin: Brazil, Australia, China, Russia, India, Czech Republic

Properties: Has been used to increase energy and strength.  It removes energy blockages, which in turn, creates a smooth and constant energy flow throughout the body.  Bloodstone can help to enhance intuition and creativity, and can be used to combat fatigue, irritability and confusion.  Physically, Bloodstone is an energy cleanser, purifying the blood and detoxifying the liver, kidneys and spleen.  It benefits all blood rich organs and regulates blood flow.  Bloodstone cleanses lower chakras, realigning the energies.











Origin: Mexico, USA, Britain, Peru, Iceland, Romania, Brazil, Czech Republic

Black Calcite: Assists in regaining memories so you can release the past. Assists with trauma and stress. Also helps with depression.

Blue Calcite: Gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation.  Lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. Releases negative emotions, lifting anxieties. Aids in clear communication.

Clear Calcite:  cleanses and aligns all chakras. The rainbows in clear calcite brings on major change as it is the stone of new beginnings. Brings about deep soul healing. Opens and clears inner and outer eyes.

Green Calcite: Mental healer, dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs. Helps let go of what no longer serves you. Helps boost the immune system. Stone absorbs negative energy and helps rid the body of bacterial infections. Helps with muscles, ligaments, bone adjustments, and arthritis. Cools fevers, burns and inflammation. Calms the adrenal glands.

Orange Calcite: High energy and cleansing stone especially for the lower chakras. Balances emotions, controls fears, and helps overcome depression. Assists in the healing of the reproductive system, gallbladder, Intestinal disorders and IBS

Pink Calcite (Mangano Calcite): Stone of forgiveness, releases fear and grief that keep your heart trapped in the past. Aids in self-worth and self-acceptance.  Lifts tension and anxiety. This stone helps prevent nightmares. Helps resolve resistance and helps anyone that has suffered abuse or trauma.

Red Calcite: Increases energy, uplifts emotions and aids in willpower. Opens the heart Chakra. Removes stagnant energy which can help with constipation. Helps with hip and lower limb problems. Removes blockages that help you step forward in life.


Origin: Britain, Peru, Iceland, Romania, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Properties: Stabilizing stone with high energy. Restore vitality & motivation-calms anger. Stimulate creativity; Encourages positive choices. Improves analytic abilities & clarifies perception. Full of life force and vitality-stimulates metabolism. Natural cleanser for other stones. Assists with fertility, impotence, lower back problems and improves the absorption of vitamins.


Origin: Britain, Peru, Egypt, Mexico, Poland, Libya, Madagascar

Properties: Fills you with infinite peace & connects you to the angelic realm. Very high vibration; Stimulates clairvoyance. Brings balance, heals the aura. Manifests the element of water & the ability to flow with life. Adds “bright hope” in days of despair. Heightens powers of rationality and mental acuteness. Increases the vibration within a room – fades in sunlight. Assists with pain by replacing it with love.



Origin: Namibia

Properties: Can assist you gain confidence and to feel capable. While encouraging confidence and self-love, it also inspires humility and active listening skills. If used in meditation you can separate what cannot change from what can be changes. This stone can also help sufferers of heart break and emotional scarring to heal and let go of anger and bitterness. When placed under the bed, it can relieve some of the symptoms of insomnia and restlessness. Eases feelings of homesickness and makes you feel “at home” where ever you are. Assists with Jet lag


Origin: Britain, USA, Mexico, Iceland, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Morocco

Properties: Fine-grained cryptocrystalline- variety of silica mineral quartz. Drives away nightmares. Aids in overcoming lawsuits & repels illusions. Repel any negative incoming vibrations. Absorbs only positive ones. Can help increase lactation. Assists with healing the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood, and circulatory system.


Origin: Chile, Russia, Spain

Properties: Helps with mental / emotional balance and stability and harmony. Enhances problem solving and memory. Helps you to adapt to change and enhances your ability to see all sides of and issue. Enhance spiritual awareness practical creativity. Empower and enhance astral travel. Assists with healing blood disorders. Assists with lactation in nursing mothers. Can help cools fevers and balance the immune system.


Origin: Britain, USA, Mexico, Russia, Chile, Peru, Zaire

Properties: A stone of Communication. Can decrease nervousness. Discharges negative energies, calms and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. Encourages compassion and strengthens of character. Stone of forgiveness. Helps dealing with infections and fevers. Calms, cleanses, and re-energises all the Chakras. Can help regulate insulin levels and balance the blood. Can strengthen the thyroid and help with metabolism.


Origin: Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, USA, Britain.

Properties: Known as the abundance stone. If kept in the fair left hand corner of your house (when looking in the front door) has been known to bring abundance into the home. Attracts prosperity on all levels. Increases motivation-helps creative energy.  Dissipates negative energy. Emits warm energy, promotes optimism. Eliminate self-destructive tendencies. Raise self-esteem. WARNING – color will fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Crystals are a natural gift from our Mother Earth that holds her true vibrations. The events necessary to create and grow a crystal or mineral is a truly miraculous process.Crystals vary in size, shape and color; they have many healing and metaphysical properties. Raw crystals are just as effective as when tumbled or polished.  The vibrations or energy of the stone and crystal  are naturally absorbed and processed without you being aware. Please note we are not doctors and Crystals are not meant to replace medical help.



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