The Gifts we share from

Mother Earth

Creator of beauty and bounty

From liquid & lava

To solid and crystalline

Layer by layer by layer

Time, temperature & pressure endured

Magnificence is formed

Mother Earth

Bearer of beauty & bounty

We are grateful for your gifts & offerings

by Laurie Smith

Crystals are a natural gift from our Mother Earth that holds her true vibrations. The events necessary to create and grow a crystal or mineral is a truly miraculous process.Crystals vary in size, shape and color; they have many healing and metaphysical properties. Raw crystals are just as effective as when tumbled or polished.  The vibrations or energy of the stone and crystal  are naturally absorbed and processed without you being aware.

All of our pendants are cleared  and cleansed on genuine Himalayan salt bricks.

Please enjoy our creations made for you with Love & Light.

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